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PostPosted: Tue Sep 12, 2006 12:09 am    Post subject: Smishing Reply with quote

I know, it looks like a typo, but it isn't. Smishing apparently is the latest phenomenon in Phishing (you know, the act of getting some email recipients/web surfers to divulge their intimate information to bad people, such as credit card, bank and online payment services log in names and passwords). Only this occurs via mobile phone SMS.

As with many of these scams, the whole thing is quite involved in that it starts with a mass mailed worm which comes in the form of an email attachment which poses as a copy of some job applicant's CV (curriculum vitae). By opening the attachment, the unwitting recipient of that email would infect their machine with the Eliles-A worm virus. This nasty thing uses the now compromised computer to send free SMS messages to random mobile phone numbers using two Spanish SMS gateway operators. Oh wait, there's more ...

Mobile phone users who are targeted receive an SMS message which claims to be from their mobile phone operator and advises them to download some 'free anti-virus software'. Anyone who does download it would infect their phone software with malware. Apparently the link to the so called antivirus software pointed to a Symbian SIS file which indicates that the baddies were targeting Symbian phones (such as the Nokia series 60). There's nothing as yet which describes what the malware would do exactly, and in fact it is suggested that the code in the Eliles-A worm was bashed together by some 'script kiddies' (you know the ones?) with the code written in Spanish with German comments included.

Read some more at the informative McAfee site - see http://vil.nai.com/vil/content/v_140535.htm

Smishing, whatever next?? Rolling Eyes

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