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the ability to host as many web sites on one plan as you can


In a hosting climate that is bulging with low cost domain registration we see a growing breed of webmaster, the multiple web site owner and operator - they own much more than just one domain and web site, they own quite a few actually. And with the huge growth in the domain aftrmarket, we also see new trends in how domains are bought, sold and stored on the web.

The concept is simple ... multiple domain hosting offers the facility to host more than one web site on a single web hosting plan. Each of those web sites has their own web stats, email, full URLs (as opposed to sub domains) and FTP access, so they are just like fully independent web sites in their own right.


Webmasters have evolved into owners of multiple domains and web sites, wanting higher returns for lower investment

Many webmasters have many web sites of their own, some are designers who build and manage web sites for others and many have found that having multiple web sites is good for building traffic and sales. Hence the need to consolidate their resources by choosing multiple domain web hosting which offers all this at one single cost and in one convenient place. In addition, they then have the real chance to fully utilise all of the web space and bandwidth available on the web hosting plan ~ no more wasted space!


Web hosting providers also need to evolve to keep up with webmasters' updated requirements

Some web hosts have taken the unprecedented step of throwing aside the opportunity to realise more sales in return for increased customer satisfaction, and subsequently acquired a larger customer base, by offering web hosting plans which can house multiple domains and web sites.


We have also realised the updated requirements of the modern day webmaster and offer unlimited multiple domain hosting plans, and we have also gone one step further ...

Each of our multiple domain web hosting plans now offer full features as well as unlimited domain hosting capabilities, this absolutely demolishes the walls put up by other hosts, who still charge for add on features like Fantastico's instant web site scripts, multiple domain stats (such as AWStats and Urchin Stats), Imagemagick, MySQL databases, unlimited email accounts, spam and virus protection and scanning and frontpage extensions to name but a few. In addition, most hosts regulate the amount of domains or sites that you can host on a single hosting plan, boosting their income by charging more for their clients to host more domains.

We have strived to recognise that single domain web hosting is a thing of the past and webmasters need much more from their web hosting provider. Whilst addon domains are not all that new, their provision on an unlimited basis in web hosting plans is. And with the continued evolution of webmasters and their endeavors in achieving good return on investment, we realise the need for the ability to host more than one web site on one web hosting plan and to do so without feature and domain restrictions.


Its a bonus for web designers and web site managers

Web designers are among the growing population of webmasters who need that extra facility to host more than one web site, they often address the needs of clients who stereotypically do not want to, and do not have the ability, to manage their own web sites let alone design them. So this growing niche of web designers also need multiple domain hosting and benefit from increased income born from both reduced costs and the higher charges they can apply for web site management.


The future holds good things for webmasters

As the web hosting market comes to the cold realisation that clients will no longer want to pay extra for the things that web hosting providers do not have to. Profiteering in this market has been tantamount to running a cartel where webmasters have had to pay for components and features that are becoming readily available at no extra cost.

While the internet is awash with web hosts offering their various web hosting plans, it is still sparse of multiple domain web hosting plans at reasonable cost. Breaking through this barrier is going to take time, as those who charge extra have to realise that the market is changing, not through the competitive practices of other hosts, but through the necessity and need of their potential clients.

With the ever discouraging cost of reseller web hosting plans, multiple domain hosting provides an economical and justifiable means of hosting multiple web sites, in light of this, it has to be the next big thing in web hosting, just like relaxation of feature restrictions has to be. With world economies teetering on decline in light of fuel and subsequent production and cost of living hikes, the need to economise has never been more evident. Its time for web hosts to address the real needs of today's webmaster and web designer.


Understanding the multiple domain owner

Domain buyers invariably become multiple domain owners, the low costs of domain registration and the ease of ownership makes it all happen so easily. The domain aftermarket (or secondary domain market) is evidently growing at a very rapid pace, and while the availability of key and useful domain names falls, there has to be a means of buying domains that have already been registered. And of-course there is always a huge rush for new and meaningful TLDs (domain extensions, like the upcoming .eu domains), where domain owners and brokers are queueing to buy key domains before the launch dates, and the reasons for purchase can be for long term ownership and development through to aftermarket trading.


May 2006

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