Web Design and Development Resources


We've put together a list of very useful resources aimed at webmasters and web developers. The intention here is to offer a single page with links to all renowned web development resources and some comment detailing our impression of each web site listed. We are always on the look out for even more useful resources, so if you'd like to suggest or recommend one or more, please email us and we'll consider making further additions.


Web page testing tools

W3C Quality Assurance Tools - an absolutely invaluable free resource. This site offers three main tools which will automatically check all of your web page and CSS code for errors and check for broken links. You can either enter URLs or upload a web pages from your computer to check. The markup validation tool not only shows up erroneous bits of code, it will offer some guidance on what caused the error(s) and provides some advice on how to resolve the problems. Whilst we'd give this site a proper 10 out of 10 for its service, you'll understand that it is popular and as such can be subject to slow speeds at times, but hey we can't have it all can we?

BrowserShots - This is as close to free beer as any webmaster will get ... when designing any web page, you need to know that it will work as expected in all the wide variety of web browsers that are in use today. We highly recommend the service offered by browsershots.org since it is either free or highly cost effective (yes, there is a very small and reasonable charge for the priority service, the free service tends to have huge queues and subsequently a very long wait for results) and offers screenshots of how web pages will look like in all the main web browsers and with various plugins working. Outstanding work Johann!


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